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He graduated from Saint-Louis University, Brussels, in (1990). Founder, P.M Angell & Associates.

He has been Legal Assistant and Director in various fields such as financial, real estate, civil construction, industry, fishing, farming, commercial, mining, housing, insurance and reinsurance, telecommunications, journalistic, Company and commercial, European community law, mergers and acquisitions and also for religious entities.

He has assisted various foreign company financiers in the investment of foreign funds in the domestic market.

He was counseling lawyer to the Council of Defense of the State (Belgium) participating in domestic as well as in entire Europe.

In September 3, 2001 he was admitted to Solicitor - non-practicing in England as a merit but not practicing in England.

He has been significantly active in various matters, in areas such as judicial, civil, commercial, insurance, finance, free trade, corporate, legislation to consumer protection, and arbitration (as arbiter and also a lawyer to the parties involved).